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Charles Shapiro

Founding Partner
Chief Development Officer

Stratos Wealth Partners, Wealth Management, Financial Planner, Financial Advisors

Chris Walling

Founding and Managing Partner

Gary Kuhn_edited.jpg

Gary Kuhn

National Business
Development Manager

mike O New_edited.jpg

Michael O'Brien

Managing Partner &

National Director of Sales

Stratos Wealth Partners, Wealth Management, Financial Planner, Financial Advisors

Bobbie Meola

Managing Partner

Jim Lupica_edited.jpg

Jim Lupica

Founding and Managing Partner

chris j.jpg

Chris Jordheim

Managing Director

What Advisors Say

jeff brown.jpg

Jeff Brown
Founder, BWM Financial

"We are very pleased with the outcome of our decision in 2015 to join this renowned network of financial advisors, which has resulted in the opportunity to scale, grow and increase our services to clients in Southern California. Following the strategic investment in 2020, BWM Financial’s partnership with Stratos ultimately shattered all expectations and provided our team not only with the tools and solutions we needed on executive leadership and M&A fronts, but a true partner with shared values and goals.”

Greg David.jpg

Greg David
Lexington, SC

“From the beginning of my time with Stratos, Jeff Concepcion and his team at the home office have been true partners in my business.  Their willingness to help and the sincerity shown, has never waivered.  Stratos goes above and beyond in order to try to provide everything that I need for my business and my clients.   The Stratos staff really does make the difference.”

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