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Business Meeting

Coaching &
Consulting Services

Stratos's business consulting services provide a confidential analysis of your practice. Experienced consultants provide customized advice and coaching to help you systemize your practice and increase profitability. We offer various levels of consulting support to assist you and your practice regardless of your business stage; from solo start-ups to retirement and succession planning, plus everything in between.

Total Client Engagement

Coaching Engagement

  • Two- to three-day on-site visit with an industry-experienced consultant

  • Extensive discovery and analysis in the areas of efficiency, workflow, staff productivity, etc

Cohort Group Coaching Engagement

  • Six Month Program

  • Small group no less than 10

  • Six months of cohorts meetings, bi-weekly

Self-Directed Consulting Engagement

  • Practice analysis to determine if future revenue is at risk. Includes three reports; Revenue by Household Report, Practice Performance Predictor Report and Assets by Age Report

  • Consulting recommendations: increase fees, up-sell, cross-sell, adjust service expectations, release, transfer and sell

What Advisors Say

Paul Saltaformaggio.jpg

Paul Saltaformaggio
Baton Rouge, LA

No matter which way you slice and dice it, it costs a lot of money to run an office and you might be somewhere around 10 to 15 percentage points of revenue to run a practice depending on trading volume. What matters is where you NET out at the end of the day. I could have gone direct to LPL and probably be at a 92% or 93% payout based on my production and Branch bonuses; however, for that extra four or five percent that I'm giving up, which is $50,000 on $1,000,000 of production, there is no way I would be able to have concierge-level service for technology and compliance, human resources, marketing, practice acquisition, different platforms, institutional partners at Fidelity and Schwab, like I do through Stratos. 

Greg David.jpg

Greg David
Lexington, SC

“From the beginning of my time with Stratos, Jeff Concepcion and his team at the home office have been true partners in my business.  Their willingness to help and the sincerity shown, has never waivered.  Stratos goes above and beyond in order to try to provide everything that I need for my business and my clients.   The Stratos staff really does make the difference.”

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