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Eric Gallinger Joins LPL Financial, Stratos Wealth to Launch Independent Firm

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Feb. 28, 2023 – LPL Financial LLC announced today that financial advisor Eric Gallinger has joined LPL Financial and is aligned with Stratos Wealth Partners, a large RIA aligned with LPL. Gallinger reported having served $300 million in advisory, brokerage and retirement plan assets.* He joins from Merrill Lynch.

Based in Irvine, Gallinger is an experienced wealth management professional who works to preserve client assets by delivering what he calls “real-world strategies” – based on realistic perspectives, BofA Global research and regular tracking of marketplace risk. With many clients retired or planning for it, wealth preservation and distribution strategies are developed with the goal of consistent total-return and income that can keep pace with inflation.

“We have been at this a while. We have seen many investment cycles – ‘tech’ bubbles, oil spikes, real estate booms and busts,” Gallinger said. “We review for excessive risk and opportunities and adjust portfolios at the margins as we seek to preserve principal. We strongly advise against undue risk. We never want the client to have to make the same money twice.”

Why Eric Gallinger made the move

Gallinger turned to LPL and Stratos in his quest for more freedom and autonomy, as well as enhanced technology and the ability to provide clients with differentiated experiences. “Over the years, I’ve been accustomed to serving clients with some of the best resources available, but as my practice has evolved, I recognized the need for a new partner. By moving to LPL and Stratos, I have the flexibility to serve my clients with innovative capabilities and give them the experiences they deserve,” Gallinger said.

The move also provides Gallinger with greater opportunities to grow his practice through M&A, as well as generate additional revenue by working closely with centers of influences, such as attorneys and CPAs.

Charles Shapiro, Stratos Founding Partner and Chief Development Officer, stated, “It is a very competitive recruiting landscape, especially for high caliber advisors. We are so honored that Eric has chosen to join Stratos Wealth as our newest partner. Irvine has been a terrific market for our company’s growth and we are proud to support Eric in his expansion plans in the marketplace.”

Scott Posner, LPL Executive Vice President, Business Development, stated, “We extend a warm welcome to Eric and are honored he turned to LPL and Stratos in his journey to independence. This is an advisor that was looking for a growth partner who could serve him for the long run. For advisors to have the capacity to reach their business’ full potential, they need a partner committed to their success; one that has the scale, expertise and capital to be able to invest and continuously evolve to meet the relevant needs of their business and clients. And that’s exactly what we do here at LPL. Our singular mission is to support our advisors so they can take care of their clients. We look forward to a long-lasting and productive relationship with Eric.”

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