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The COO Roundtable, Featuring Jeff Concepcion, Nancy Andrefsky, and Lou Camacho

In the sixth episode of The COO Roundtable, Matt was excited to welcome the first CEO to the Roundtable discussion!  Jeff Concepcion, Nancy Andrefsky, and Lou Camacho from Stratos Wealth Partners joined Matt for an easy going, yet extremely insightful interview.  Stratos Wealth Partners has 287 advisors in 87 offices across 24 states and serves more than 13,000 clients with over $13 billion in assets under management.  Jeff is Founder and CEO of the firm while Nancy, who has worked with Jeff since the firm’s inception, holds the COO and CFO titles and Lou heads Stratos Wealth Alliance as its President.  In this episode, Matt, discussed with Jeff, Nancy, and Lou how they each play a vital role in sustaining such a large, acquisition-focused enterprise and much more, including:

  • The Stratos Wealth Partners model and how they differentiate themselves in the marketplace

  • Nancy and Lou’s respective backgrounds and how those experiences influence their current roles at the firm

  • How Nancy balances the plethora of responsibilities that come with being COO and CFO

  • Jeff’s take on the importance of professional management in the RIA space

  • Nancy’s thoughts on the age-old profit vs. growth debateHow Lou leverages Stratos’ technology platform in the sales process with advisors

  • Jeff’s opinion on the recent large liquidity events of RIA aggregators (Focus Financial Partners, Hightower Advisors, and the recent sale of United Capital to Goldman Sachs)

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