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Private Equity-Backed Firm Of The Year: Stratos


WSR Honors Hightower Advisors, Kestra Holdings And Stratos Wealth Holdings As Private Equity-Backed Firms Of The Year


The WSR Wealth Exemplar Awards for Private Equity-Backed Firm of the Year go to the top three wealth management firms that have received significant or majority equity investments from private equity, venture capital or other institutional investors for expansion and growth purposes. There is a minimum asset level of $1 billion.

Stratos Wealth Holdings

Jeff Concepcion, Founder & CEO, Stratos Wealth Partners

Founded in 2008, Stratos Wealth Holdings includes Stratos Wealth Partners, Stratos Wealth Advisors and Fundamentum, all three of which are RIAs, as well as its acquisition arm, Stratos Wealth Enterprises. In total, the Stratos companies serve over 340 financial advisors.

Stratos Wealth Partners manages over $8.7 billion in advisory assets, and through LPL Financial advises on over $6.7 billion in brokerage and third-party managed assets as of Sept. 30 this year.

Lou Camacho, President, Stratos Wealth Enterprises

Stratos Wealth Advisors manages over $2.4 billion in advisory assets and over $13 million in third-party managed assets at the end of the third quarter, and Fundamentum manages over $1 billion in advisory assets as of the same date.

Emigrant Partners acquired a minority stake in Stratos in 2020, supporting it to purchase a controlling interest in Mexico City-based wealth management and investment firm NSC Asesores, with over $4 billion in client assets.

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